• Image of Developing a Prosperous Souls Masterclass with Harold Eberle

Date: October 26th, 2013
Time: 10am - 4pm

A digital download* of Gateway Alliance Church's 'Developing a Prosperous Soul' Masterclass with Harold Eberle.

This Masterclass, based on Harold’s two-volume book of the same title, will open your eyes to ideas and concepts, based on scripture and proven by life-experience, which you may never have thought about before. This is not about a shallow ‘prosperity gospel’, nor is it a financial plan to follow, rather, it’s about mind & life-transformation.

There are fundamental changes that you can make in the way you think which will help you release God's blessings into your own life. This is a balanced look at the promises of God with practical steps you can take to move into financial freedom. Christians are not supposed to be poor. It is time to gain victory in the financial arena. After learning how to overcome a poverty mind-set, don't just earn a living. Instead, advance. Create wealth. You can break poverty's hold and receive the abundance God wants for your life.

*If you would prefer a four-disc CD set of the masterclass, please choose the option below. 'Shipping' costs apply to CD set only, not digital download